It is my total privilege to bring together creative women through my Inspiration Group and Afternoon Tea Events.

The point of us coming together is mainly to send a message of inspiration, and support. We are here to inspire each other, and mostly support each other. For when like minded women come together, this is when we can achieve great things. You can come to the group and just listen, you can come and ask questions – the floor is yours. The beauty is that every member has a different area of expertise, some in fitness, some in beauty, some in business, but more importantly everyone will have a different perspective. Sometimes to solve a problem, you need to move away from it, and maybe another member of the group will have an answer you hadn’t considered. If you truly believe the time for you to start making your life an adventure is now, and you want support on your journey, then my friend, welcome to the few.


If you would find out more, click on the email button above – I would just love to hear from you.

Coco Tea


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