Never Apologise for Loving the Crap Out of Everything…


Although I cannot take credit for these GENIUS words (it’s a slight mash up of a quote by Ryan Adams which you can find here), it is certainly one mantra I have adopted in my life and could be considered important in a world where we are effectively reaching critical mass in the overload of negativity. I see nothing wrong with viewing everything backlit with the light of 1000 rainbow fairies, or indeed, if that seems too much, just looking at things in a more positive way. You will encounter Dementors (disputably, the real life version is more scary that those imagined by JK Rowling, although she had the sentiment bang on), who will try and suck the joy out of you. They will tell you that you are naive to live in a world that you believe is awesome and where possibilities are endless. They will volunteer endless ‘facts’ that prove that the economy is on the verge of collapse, that humanity is doomed and that the world’s inevitable demise is only a matter if time. They will shout louder and louder until you are forced to acknowledge them. It could even be argued that they know something of an easier life… In a world where everyone has an opinion on everything, about people they don’t even know, the temptation to fall down this gloomy rabbit hole has an almost gravitational pull. To concur with the general majority has ALWAYS been the easy option, whether we like it or not. To stand tall, proud and claim that there is still joy, love and goodness in the world requires tenacity (I freaking love this word!) and frankly, you will have moments where you think that YOU are the one that has got this all wrong… What if the Dementors are right?

I am here to tell you this.

You can love things in a big, bold way (you know, the kind where you dance on cliff tops, under a full moon) or in a more subtle way (think, perhaps, the goosebumps you get when you find an amazing picture on Pinterest) My point is this, just because you have chosen to be enthusiastic does not mean you should ever feel bad for it, just like I suppose, we should never make anyone who has perhaps a slightly more ‘worldly’ view of life feel bad for that… Everyone has a choice, don’t apologise for yours.

Continue to be that quiet voice that stands for the light in the face of darkness. As we know from all epic stories and legends, ¬†good always triumphs over the darkness… no matter how small it’s beginnings are. Keep your rose tinted glasses. The light is there, sometimes we just have to look a little closer to find it…


(Introducing the adorable baby Atticus, a new addition to my friend’s family. He came along in perfecting timing for this article. Just in case you felt like NOT loving the crap out of everything!)

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